Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A slippery blog slope

I have something more significant brewing in my little noggin, but am on the run today and don't have time to get much of anything written. Maybe tomorrow (?). But for today I'm just going to come clean and acknowledge that maybe I'm starting to get addicted to this whole blogging thing. How do I know? Today, for instance, has been a tad hectic. (The low point was when Evan puked all over himself in Target because he had gotten carsick and Caleb was crying and we still had to go buy groceries.) But now Kid #1 is at school, Kid #2 is at preschool, and Kid #3 is napping. And I was itching to get that baby to sleep so I could sit down with the small amount of quiet time allotted to me today and catch up on the blogs I read now (while wolfing down lunch-- I still have to shower, after all), and tend to mine. Seems as though I may be getting sucked in....

Right. Shower. See you tomorrow....

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  1. I hear ya, sister. Definitely a slippery slope.


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