Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No more tomorrows

The following conversation was a test. I failed. Miserably. Honestly, I don't know why I bothered answering, because I had failed before I even started.

Anyway, there I was, innocently changing the baby's diaper. Minding my own business. Then Evan strolls into the room, and...

Evan: "Mommy, is it tomorrow?" [He has an agenda. I can already tell.]

Me: "No, it's today." [Followed by an immediate sinking feeling in my stomach.]

Evan: "But yesterday you said that tomorrow it would be today. You did. You said that. So is it tomorrow?"

Me: "Um. Yes?"

Evan: "Well, is it? 'Cause you just told me it's today. So is it today or tomorrow?!"

Me: dead silence

I learned two things from this exchange. A) I can't win. B) I will never again use the terms "today," "tomorrow," or "yesterday." From now on, all days will be referred to by their calendar names. So: today is Wednesday (I think...). Tomorrow is Thursday (if today is, indeed, Wednesday). Period. (This is impossible. I've already broken my promise. Three times. And I'm not even out of this paragraph. Please refer back to point A.)

And now I need another quart or so of coffee to help me figure out if today is, well... today.


  1. Explaining any time frame whatsoever is an exercise in madness. Like a roller coaster you can't get off and just want to hurl.

    My girls have been asking when certain days are, like, "when can I go to MiMi & PawPaw's?" "Saturday" "How many days away is that?" and they'll ask how many days until Saturday eighty bazillion times.


  2. You can tell him today is yesterday's tomorrow, and tomorrow's yesterday.

    Then watch his brain explode while he tries to parse it all to come up with a Gotcha.

  3. Ah, kids. I love your posts because they prepare me.

    I'm just glad Mateo is fine with "all done" right now and let's it go.


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