Thursday, September 11, 2008


Seven years ago today, Jensen was six months and one day old.

Seven years ago today, I sat in the twilight in his bedroom, staring at him in wonder. Full of fear. Full of sadness. Full of love that squeezed my heart too tightly.

Seven years ago today, he wore a light blue onesie with a yellow star appliqued on the chest.

Seven years ago today, I asked my little baby what kind of world we had brought him into.

I didn't say these things yesterday when Jensen asked us about 9/11. We explained what happened. We talked about airplanes and skyscrapers and people wanting to hurt others. He had a hard time wrapping his head around these facts. So do I.

Today I am thinking about how enormously reassuring it was to hold my baby that day. I am thinking of all the families who weren't able to comfort each other. The families that were torn apart. The people who lost someone they loved as much as I love him.

Today I am thinking that I hate having to explain this to my baby. Who is not a baby anymore.

He's seven.

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  1. I haven't once thought about having to explain what happened on 9/11 to my boy.

    It makes me incredibly sad to even think about it.

    I hate that kids' innocence has to slowly dissipate.


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