Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The devil made me do it

Oh my god. Jeff is gonna kill me for this. But it's too funny not to share. I hope you all realize how privileged you are-- almost nobody gets to see him without his glasses. Here he is in 1954:

This 60's weren't so good for him. The styles just didn't suit him. But here's a gem from 1960:

This guy totally rocked the 70's, though. Check it:

And here he is in the early 80's:
Wait a second... that really was Jeff.... Damn, must have opened the wrong picture file.

Anyway, here he is during my high school years. I would have dated him even then.... Mullets were hot. (ish)
I guess he cleaned up a bit in the 90's. I didn't know he could get his hair this straight:

Okay, I have to publish this before he figures out what I'm doing.He's such a sweetie for allowing me to do this to his photo (even if he doesn't know). And thanks a million to
So...There...Then Gal for sharing this jewel of a website-- you can go here to do your own.

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  1. I'm soooo tickled by this! This is the coolest thing, ever. I can't wait to plug my husband's picture into it.


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