Saturday, September 13, 2008

Please Don't Forget the Flood of '08

Today is my very first public service announcement.

I'm an Iowa girl. Transplanted, but you know how it is: you can take the girl out of Iowa....

Iowa's kind of like the old farmers who live there. Doesn't brag when things go well, doesn't complain (too loudly) when things fall apart.

Things fell apart in eastern Iowa in the spring. Remember the floods? They got a few days of national airplay, and the devastation is difficult to overstate. I haven't heard much about them recently. But people are still homeless, workers are still displaced, and at least one town was just wiped off the map.

They're still struggling. Rebuilding, working hard to get their feet back under them, but struggling. And largely forgotten.

I put a link to a video in the sidebar: "Cedar Rapids Flood Recovery." My cousin produced it for Cedar Rapids. They are trying to distribute it as widely as possible, in hopes that the right people might see it and some lives might be touched. So check it out. Pass it along.


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