Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What UV rays?

Doncha wish you looked this good at the pool? Love the scuba suit. He was actually also wearing a ridiculous sun hat, but we didn't get a good photo of that. Trust me, though, he was very hip. And well-protected from the sun.

This was Caleb's first trip to the pool, one day last week. So (after we got him dressed from head-to-toe and slathered the few remaining square inches in about a gallon of sunscreen), we put him in the water. He loved it. Loved, loved, loved it. Let's face it: bathtime is awesome, and this was like a tub on growth hormones. The minute he saw the pool he started kicking and yelling and just wanted to get in the water.

Have you seen the videos of that strange, amphibious baby-swimming reflex? Where they just throw naked babies into the water and, by some miracle, the kids start swimming? I guess Caleb still has this reflex. I didn't throw him into the water or anything, but did hold him on his tummy. And almost immediately, he started to swim. Arms and legs were perfectly coordinated, and he kept sticking his little face under water. Who knew? And at this rate, he may well turn out to be the best swimmer in our family.

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