Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Safety first... or not

Some days are just dangerous.

Yesterday, for instance.

Both of these boys went to bed with big ol' goose-eggs on their noggins.

Jensen's was a pedestrian-versus-car door injury. We were in a busy parking lot, I was strapping the baby into the stroller and trying to keep an eye on everyone. Reached up to shut the tailgate of the minivan (shockingly, I drive a minivan). And I actually thought, "Maybe I should yell 'Clear!'" Then I thought, "That's not really necessary." Then I heard the sickening thud. Yes, I hit his head with the tailgate. He was trying to dash into the rear of the van at the same time I decided to close it. It was one of those things that happened before either of us could stop what we were doing.... I'm just glad we were at the doctor's office when it happened. And I'm not feeling quite as enormously guilty this morning as I did last night.

Last night Evan was meandering around the sidewalk. I glanced once and he was just doing whatever it is he does. I glanced again and he was picking himself up off the curb and crying, with a pretty blue bump on his head.

They're both okay today.

I'm thinking maybe helmets should become standard, everyday attire, though.

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