Thursday, July 10, 2008

Q&A, 7-year old style

What better way to catch up with the kids than to let them speak for themselves? I sat down with Jensen last night and threw some questions his way. My questions and comments are in italics. His responses are in plain type.

What's your favorite food? That's easy. Foot-long hot dogs.

So what's the best new food you've tried recently? Strata with asparagus and boursin cheese. Can you make that again tonight? (Yes, he really said that.)

Favorite color? Gray.

Favorite article of clothing? My Iowa Hawkeyes t-shirt. (Perhaps not coincidentally, this was what he was wearing at the time.)

What's the coolest animal? Cheetah.

What's your favorite sport? That's a tough one... I'd have to say tennis. (?!)

So who's your favorite athlete? It's a fight between Tom Brady and LaDainian Tomlinson. Because LT was the NFL's leading rusher in 2007. (And this is how we know he is genetically related to Grandpa Gayle.)

Favorite game? Chess.

How do you feel about your hair? Not so fond of it, with other kids. Unless they're my friends or they have curly hair, too. Then I like it.

Favorite song? Soldier Boy. (Never heard it; guess as responsible parents we need to check this out.)

Favorite movie? Star Wars. Episode 3, I think. Whichever one has the Jawas in it.

Movies seen recently? Wall-E, and Swiss Family Robinson.

Books read recently? Fudge-A-Mania, which Dad is reading to us and it's hilarious. And I'm reading Captain Underpants. Again.

Favorite toy? Legos. What do you like to build with them? Guys with guns.

Favorite subject in school? That's easy: reading.

What do you think you'll be when you grow up? I don't really know, but I think I'll be a professional athlete. Maybe a runner. I'm pretty fast.

Obama or McCain? Obama.

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