Friday, July 25, 2008

Ciao, guys!

Today is the day Uncle Greg and Aunt Julia move away. So I thought I'd do a quick tribute to them.

We've only lived in the same town for about three months now. So it's not like living apart is new territory or anything. Plus, they're only moving a couple of hours away. But still....

They're fantastic people. Good People, to give them a title. Generous, kind, energetic, helpful, fun. I could go on. Greg is Jensen's personal human jungle gym. And Julia has gained the reputation of being the World's Best Lego Builder (this is no small feat in our house). Evan calls them "Gag and Jaws," which I think is very funny. (It's his version of "Greg and Juls.") Caleb's little face lights up whenever he sees either of them. In short, the kids adore them. And so do we.

It's been awesome to live just a few minutes away from them. So much fun to have them drop by just because. Or to see what they're doing for lunch. Or just to call and see what's up.

But. Greg just finished his PhD and GOT A JOB! Kind of important, having a job and all. So they're moving to a great new house today, where he will begin his Very Grown-Up Job, and where-- the best of all-- they will prepare for the birth of their first child. (My kids are finally getting some cousins, but that's a post for another day.) Julia will be able to be a stay-at-home mom... in short, they are preparing for great things.

So, we know we'll see you guys often and that you will be very happy. We can't wait to see your new house and to meet the little one in a few months. But we'll still miss you. You have been invaluable help as we've settled in here. You are an awesome aunt and uncle, and a great brother, and the best in-laws I could ever ask for. We are lucky to have you, in town or a short drive away.

Good luck, Gag and Jaws! We love you and will miss you!!!

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