Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A lot of oxygen

Here we are: all five of us. And, yeah, we're sitting on a dinosaur.

(Evan's going through a hard-core dinosaur stage. So we "surprised" him with a trip to some sort of dino-rific exhibit at a zoo, with robotic life-sized dinosaurs that moved and roared and one of them even spit water. Yeah... Evan was completely terrified and refused to even look at most of the exhibit. Turns out he thought they were real. I forgot to think like a three-year-old when we decided to do that.)

Anyway, back to our family of five....

In the hospital after Caleb was born, my mom took a few photos of our entire new family. When I first looked at those pics, I was completely overwhelmed by how very many of us there were.... I think the first thing I said was, "Wow, we use a lot of oxygen now."

But I always wanted three kids. Invariably people ask me if we were "going for" a girl. Nope. Just three kids....

So now we have three. It's kind of controlled chaos. Except sometimes not so controlled. I'm exhausted every night. I'm not sure that's going to get better anytime soon. But, man, is it fun.

And you know the funny thing? (I can't even joke about this around my husband, because it nearly kills him dead.) I honestly think I could have more. We won't, because he's done (and done), and I feel a little old to keep having babies. So three kids it is. Just about perfect, high oxygen consumption and all....

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