Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week in Review, 7.26.08

I like this title: Week in Review. Makes me sound like a fatuous news magazine. Here was the week:

  • Mystery solved: Caleb is getting another tooth (top left incisor, if you care). Which is why he's getting up so often at night. Which is the cause of my sleep diatribe earlier this week.
  • Willie: Jeff and I went to see Willie Nelson in concert. It was so beautiful it made me cry, and you can say whatever you want about me being a redneck or anything else. His music is amazing. And culturally significant, too: when we left I felt like I'd seen Elvis. Only better.

  • Good news/bad news: we took the minivan in to the doctor. It's okay, unfortunately. I was hoping it was something terminal, because I want a new vehicle (maybe something newfangled with-- gasp!-- remote door locks). On the upside, though, this brush with automobile mortality has made Jeff consider the possibility of replacing his POS car. Net gain. (Ask me about his alleged car sometime.)

  • Aquarian: Jensen started a two-week summer school course about ocean life. He likes it. It also means I have to have him across town before 8am every morning. Not as easy as it sounds.

  • The 'Rents: Mom and Dad visited last weekend. They made me happy. 'Nuff said.

  • Preschool-bound: Got all of Evan's preschool stuff finalized. He starts August 25. For four mornings a week, it's just going to be Caleb and me. {sigh}

  • Sniff: We all got colds. Jeff started it.

  • Mobility Project 2008: For those of you keeping track, Caleb crawled. Hands and knees. Last night. It's all over here, folks.

  • Less is more: Please note the Obama button in the sidebar.

Yeah, that's pretty much my week. Did you have this much fun?

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