Saturday, July 19, 2008

Week in Review 7.19.08

Here's a good feature: a periodic summary post. It'll keep the grandparents up-to-date on the little things that don't necessarily warrant an entire post. I feel like I'm really going out on a limb of self-exposure here. Because once you read this, I'll never again be able to pretend that I have a glamorous life. The question is, can your fake smiles look as insane as the boys' do in this photo???

This was our week:

  • My sister visited. She arrived on Sunday, left on Wednesday. As always, it made us both wish that we could live together. Because our husbands think this is weird, we are completely willing to compromise and just live next door to each other. Her visit was definitely the high point of the week for everyone.

  • Caleb had his first sippy cup. Mostly he just chewed on it, but he did manage to drink a little. He also ate some new stuff, including mango. It was a very scrumptious mango, so I think it was generous of me to share with him. Oh, and he slept for eight hours two nights in a row. This is good news.

  • Jensen got a haircut (because of his curly hair, he looks a bit like an adorable freshly-shorn lamb). He also spent a lot of time playing with the neighbor's nephew, who visited this week. He and I watched "The Spiderwick Chronicles" last night, which he has declared is "the best movie ever."

  • Evan didn't get up to much this week. I trimmed his nails, but this hardly counts as news.

  • I saved the best for last: Jeff also got a haircut. Unprompted. Very unusual behavior. Hair maintenance is low on his list of priorities (putting it mildly), and because he has this crazy curly hair, he frequently bears strong resemblence to Kramer or Lyle Lovett. Strong work, Jeffrey!!!

I'll stop now. Oh, don't you worry, there's lots more exciting stuff that happened, like bathing and grocery shopping. I'd just hate to get you too riled up with thrilling reports from Chez Us. Check in again soon-- the fun never ends!

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