Friday, August 22, 2008

A very happy day indeed

It's gone! The bane of my existence is gone!!!

Until about 4:30 this afternoon, my husband drove the crappiest car in the free world. 1997 Taurus with like 160,000 miles on it. Dents the size of small children that he never bothered to fix. Missing a few parts, like a rearview mirror. Approximately the size of the Titanic. Turn signals worked... sometimes. Oh, but it had a really cool tape deck. That came in handy. We named it The Tortoise. God I hated that vehicle.

The minute we found out it was terminally ill, I danced and yelled like a madwoman. Perhaps I should have been more sensitive.


You ever heard Adam Sandler's song about the crappy car? I'm not posting the link because it's very much NOT family-friendly. I think it's about Jeff's car, though.

Anyway, we went and bought a new car, so I couldn't post earlier today.

I'd better like it, because we'll be driving it for the next 18 years. It'll take poor Jeff that long to recover from losing the Taurus.

The Tortoise. 1997-2008. RIP, you POS.

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