Monday, August 4, 2008

Hot. Ugh.

I didn't quite get around to posting yesterday. Seems that I had an infant attached to my body all day long. Caleb has been "fussy." I put that in quotation marks, because Caleb's fussy seems very serene. But he did want to be held all weekend long. And didn't want to sleep. Or eat. Turns out the poor baby has an ear infection. Hopefully the antibiotics will take over soon. Mostly so he feels better, but also so I can get something accomplished.

Anyway, about the photo....

It is fryin'-eggs-on-the-sidewalk hot here. Yesterday the heat index was somewhere between 105 and 110. Yeah, that's hot enough for me, thanks for asking.

And humid. After sunset, the windows get so steamed up on the outside that you literally cannot see out of them. I did not know that we moved to the tropics, but evidently that is the case.

The boys have been having great fun in all this heat with their water guns. They don't really have water "fights," because the apparent goal is to get as wet as possible. So they don't even bother running away from each other. And, when worse comes to worse, they just get the hose and spray themselves.

It is, however, great fun to lie in ambush and wait for an unsuspecting grown-up to happen by.

I don't love this, because it's so humid that once you get wet, you just stay wet. There is no possibility of evaporation. Have I mentioned that I don't really like hot weather?
At least the kids are having fun.


  1. You could have moved north...

  2. Oh man, don't start.... Anyway, I'm sure I'll be grateful in January.


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