Monday, August 18, 2008


They're baaaack! My little muses are home, so I can post a photo and entertain the masses with stories from home. (Caleb's adorable, but it's next-to-impossible to blog interestingly about an infant....) Please note Jensen's swollen eyes-- do they show up in the photo? Anyway, here's their take on their vacation, as told to their intrepid reporter, me. Quick background: they stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for a week, during which time they did more fun stuff than we do in an entire year.

What was your favorite thing you did at Grandma and Grandpa's?
E: Saw farm animals on our adventure at the barnyard (aka the State Fair).
J: Watched tv.

What did you think of the State Fair?
E: We ate cotton candy. It was good.
J: I found out that the bigger bite you take of cotton candy, the shorter it lasts. I don't know what it's make of.
E: Sugar!!!

What else did you do on your visit?
J: Went to a prairie site to learn about prairies in Iowa a long time ago, maybe during the Lewis and Clark time.
E: We rode a sky ride at the Fair. And a guy was yelling. (??? I don't know what this means.)

Did you watch the Olympics?
J: Yeah, gymnastics, swimming, rafting (is this an Olympic sport?!), and others.
E: Swimming and gymnastics and the guys who jumped into the water from so high on that thing and did tricks like somersaults. (I believe this translates to "diving.")
J: I think they got the silver.

What's your favorite thing you ate?
J: Well, I don't know. Chicken strips. Or fried chicken, whatever those things are.
E: Chicken strips. Fried chicken. (Please note: they did not eat chicken strips on their trip. Nor do I have any memory of my mother ever once making fried chicken.)
J: Pop.
E: Cookies and doughnuts.
J: Those were bagels, Evan. Oh, and cake.

What were your sleeping arrangements?
J: Great. Loved it. In the attic.
E: Not very good, because I was scared.
J: We got our own beds, which was good because I got away from Evan's snoring.
E: That was good being at Grandma and Grandpa's.
J: It was good buying sunglasses.
E: Getting a puzzle was good, too. I loved watching the Engine Turtles.
J: You mean Ninja Turtles. And Biker Mice from Mars was good, too.

Where else did you go?
J: Wall-E! Children's Museum! NASA! Awesome!!! (They went to some sort of traveling NASA exhibit and got their pictures taken in spacesuits. The kind of thing my parents would never have consented to when I was a kid, BTW.)
E: I loved going to the Children's Museum!

Do you plan to go back?
J: In about another 10 minutes.
E: Mmmm-hmmmm.
J: In another six weeks.
E: In another six weeks.

What's good about being back home?
J: That I get to see Caleb again 'cause I really love him. And you guys. Don't want to make you jealous.
E: It is the funnest thing to be at home.


  1. I do believe Huck Finn scored the first gold in Rafting. The Egyptians had the previous hold on Olympic gold in the event.

  2. Yea!!! You are my first comment from a non-family member. Which makes you an honorary family member. A dubious honor, but nonetheless.... Any Olympic history on, say, baton twirling?


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