Friday, August 8, 2008

Forty years

So sorry my posting hasn't been more consistent this week.... It's been one of those weeks. My house is only borderline clean, meals have been last-minute improv kind of affairs, and I've been lucky to shower. Needless to say, compared to food and sanitation, my poor blog is rather low on the priority list. But I'll try to do better in the future.

Why so chaotic, you ask? I'll try to explain, but it won't seem nearly as overwhelming in writing.

Anyway, my first obstacle to productivity: Caleb continues to be very unhappy. He started antibiotics for an ear infection on Monday. By yesterday morning, he was still yowling and not eating and not sleeping and very uncomfortable. So I took him back to the doctor, wondering if his ear was still a problem. No, she said, his ear was improving. She looked him over to see what else could be the problem. And it seems he's getting MORE TEETH. (He got four last week; isn't that enough?!) So basically, I took my kid to the doctor because he's teething. I'm sure they promptly slapped a big red sticker on the front of his chart that says, "Crazy Mom." The point here is that if he's awake, I have to carry him.

Second problem: we're traveling this weekend. (With a very unhappy baby. Great.) Traveling with three kids is ridiculous. Correction: preparing to travel with three kids is ridiculous. I have been packing for three days now, and am still not ready to go. It requires about six loads of laundry, because for each kid, you need approximately one outfit for every two hours you'll be gone. Since we're going for 48 hours, that's 72 outfits. Sounds about right. It takes forever to round up the half-ton of baby equipment you need: diapers, toys, medicine, feeding paraphernalia, monitoring devices, sleeping equipment.... Then I have to pack for myself, which becomes a mere afterthough. (I will forget important things. I routinely forget my own underwear and toothbrush.) Throw in some duct tape and we're good to go. Just hope that Caleb doesn't scream the whole way and that Evan doesn't puke in the van.

Okay, but here's what I really wanted to write about.... The reason for all this packing is that we're going to my mom & dad's 40th wedding anniversary party. I want to just take a quick minute to acknowledge that. I like to give them a hard time about how very long 40 years is... then I remember that I'm 38, and realize I should probably shut up.

But: Mom & Dad are a shining example of a wonderful relationship. They are stable, they are honest, they are patient, they are committed. This is how they conduct their marriage. I'm coming to appreciate all that they have taught me through their example, about marriage, about parenting, about being a family, and about love. They are rock-solid, and their marriage is exactly how it should be. Their party this weekend will pay tribute to that.

Honoring that is well-worth the chaos of packing.

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  1. Actually, Teresa, I believe you'll need approximately 216 outfits...(72 x 3) :-) And don't worry - we will be happy to share whatever you may forget with you (except perhaps our underwear - which you really don't want I am sure).

    We have been very fortunate in our entire family to all have had long lasting marriages...We are all 6 officially over 30 yrs, Karen and Bill being the newlyweds at only 32 years. It is really encouraging to see the next generation following in our footsteps.

    Thank you for all of the work you all have done to organize and plan this celebratory weekend for your parents...we are really looking forward to being with everyone. See you Saturday!


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