Friday, August 29, 2008

Tales of a three-year-old playboy

Evan's first week of preschool seems to have been a success.

This morning he informed me, "One of my girlfriends at preschool has been to the ocean and rode a leatherback turtle." (This is very cute when he says it. In his world, girl rhymes with squirrel: "gwirl.") (Also, this puts her in very high esteem in his mind. Ocean creatures are second only to dinosaurs. She is very, very cool. Although he can't seem to remember her name. Pesky details....) Seems he's hanging out with some fast women....

I asked him how many girlfriends he has at preschool. He had to consider. "Maybe four," he decided. Excellent life, no?

My, they grow up so fast.

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  1. Haste was the Romeo of Kindergarten, and he's been madly in love with one girl or another ever since.



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