Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Does this mean I get a black bodysuit and a whip?

I think I stopped paying attention to Evan for a while. (With three kids, somebody's always getting the short end of the attention stick. So far they've all survived.) Because I kind of forgot how funny he is. But this week he's been in rare form. Witness:

Upon asking what sugar is made of, during orgiastic consumption of Valentine's candy: "What? Sugar is made out of sugar?! That's amazing! I LOVE sugar!!!" Yes. Yes, he does. Like this.

Unprompted comment, upon sitting down at the table for lunch: "Whew. Good thing I am not bleeding." Which is true. It's always a good thing when no one is bleeding. Except it's more true for Evan than for most. (See here. Or here. Or here.)

"Mom, we're like the Penguin and Catwoman." How so, Evan? "Well, the Penguin is in love with Catwoman and they're going to get married. And I'm in love with you and we're going to get married, too." But, Evan, I'm already married to Dad. "What?! When did you do that???"

From behind the closed bathroom door. Which had been closed for an alarming amount of time: "Um, Mom, do you twust me? Just twust me, Mom. Twust me."

He's very fun, this kid. I might consider renting him out.... Contact me if you're interested.

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