Monday, February 16, 2009

Rising to the Brussels sprouts challenge

This is what happens when my kids say to me (in the produce aisle): "Mom, what are those little cabbage-looking things?"

Really, they should know better. They've lived with me their entire lives. They should know that, before they know what hit them, those little cabbage-looking things will end up in our shopping cart. And they should also know that, before they can say "Ewwww," those little cabbage-looking things will be on their dinner plates. Because I will not back down from a challenge. They should know.

True to form, I met this challenge. Without further ado, my kids eating Brussels sprouts:

They loved them.

Evan had four helpings. Four. I had to tell him to leave some for the rest of us. Even Jensen (who was initially pretty sure I was trying to poison him) had, like, two and a half servings. I'm guessing it didn't hurt that I braised them in bacon fat and apple cider and garlic and thyme, but I figured I only had one chance to make a first impression. You do what you gotta do. The fact remains: my kids love Brussels sprouts.

Ladies and gentlemen, my work here is done. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a little economic crisis that needs to be addressed, and then some heads need to be screwed on straight in Congress. And if I have some extra time, I may zip on over to the Middle East.
I'll be home in time for dinner.


  1. I equally admire you and think you're part evil.
    You'll understand when I post a link on your FB page. The ire will be clear.

  2. Brilliant! LOVE Brussels sprouts...but didn't as a kid. Perhaps if my mother had made them like YOU did...I might have said MMMMMM too! As a kid I thought they smelled wouldn't even touch them. Now...they still sometimes smell a little weird, but LOVE them. Bacon fixes everything...according to my DH. I'm convinced he'd eat an old tire as long as it was wrapped in bacon with a side of hollandaise sauce.


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