Saturday, December 13, 2008

Faith Restored

I was having a bit of a breakdown last night.

You knew this was coming. I nursed Caleb for the last time. {sigh} I thought I was going to be sane, planned to be objective and strong, but when it was all said and done I was a mess. Melancholy, morose me.

Then my husband made popcorn and gave me a beer and sat me down in front of the television.

And you know what was on?

"Talladega Nights."

It saved me.

Please do not ask me how I ended up with the sense of humor of a teenage boy. Let's just chalk it up to me being complex and intriguing.

All I know is that there must be a God, and last night God sent Will Farrell to pull me back from an abyss of self-pity.

The end.


  1. Oh Teresa -- I'm sorry you are sad. I'm happy for the little Baby Jesus. I think you are the best mom in the world.

  2. I know your sadness. I have experienced it many times over my 50+ years, as a mother, daughter, sister...and, I am sorry to say, it is but the first of many lasts ahead of you - but just around the corner are also many firsts to look forward to. Life is a trade-off - but always know you are never in this alone. Love, Kay

    P.S. - My work buddy, Scott accuses me of having the humor of a 15 year old boy in a woman's body. It never fails to slightly bemuse him. I refuse to make any excuses for myself - if something is funny - it is funny, damn it!!

    P.S.S. I bet the popcorn and beer helped a lot, too!

  3. so true girlfriend. We all need times like that. Amazing how much a good distraction will do us.


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