Monday, November 24, 2008

The glass half-full: at least he still had his pants

Sometimes I like to think I remember what it's like to be a kid. And then something happens to remind me that I have absolutely no clue.

For instance, take Friday.

It's fair to say that Jensen had a bad Friday. Among other things:
  • He didn't have a coat to wear to school (and it was pretty chilly) because he left it in Jeff's car the night before. Instead he wore a woefully inadequate sweatshirt.
  • His teacher moved him to a different desk because he keeps getting in trouble for talking too much.
  • He lost his hat and gloves. It was the second time he'd worn them.
  • I had the nerve to make him call the bus barn to check the lost and found for said hat and gloves. This was mortifying for him. This may be one of those moments he relives in a therapy session in 17 years.

He doesn't like to screw up (usually) and by bedtime the weight of the day had crushed him. He was in tears, and my mommy heart kind of ached for him.

Oh, but wait. Turns out he had withheld the best part. Saturday morning he worked up the nerve to tell me that he also lost his shirt at school.

I'll let that sink in.

Yes, he misplaced what most would consider to be an essential article of clothing. Don't you hate it when that happens? He doesn't really remember where or why he took it off. "I think my top half got kind of hot," was the best explanation he could offer. Which makes sense, in a random sort of way. Still, questions abound.

So, like I said, things like this prove that I really have no insight into my kids' realities. But even if I could remember how overwhelming it sometimes is to be seven, I truly don't think that inexplicably ending up half-naked would be on my radar.


  1. Even my boys, who have lost pretty much everything there is to lose in their school years, have NEVER managed to lose their shirt.


    And seriously hilarious no matter how you tell the story.

  2. I was totally thinking, "Awwww...poor guy...," and then you wrote the shirt part and I had to laugh. How does one lose their shirt? But then, I always wonder how random toys end up in my work bag or purse when I think I have a pretty good idea as to what Mateo is doing at all times.


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