Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's The Deal With That?

There we were, innocently looking for oatmeal in the cereal aisle. And this geriatric-ish lady who was apparently looking for All-Bran (or whatever, but I'm pretty sure she looked like the All-Bran type), smiled at my kids. And said to me, "Don't you think the baby is a little fat?"

WTF?! I didn't say that out loud. And I'm pretty sure I didn't kick her in the nuts. But I could have.

The thing is, she's not the first person to make that observation. Several people have said it, even family members. Can someone please explain to me why people think it's okay to say something like that?

Even if he were fat, is there some kind of alternate universe where it's okay to point that out? Did I miss some sort of loophole in Decency 101? Even my four-year-old knows better than to say things like this. I think. I hope.

But: he's not fat. He's perfect. Of course, as his mother, I am genetically required to think that. You judge. Is his baby chub so alarming that you would ever feel compelled to call it to my attention?

Nope, didn't think so.

People: he's a toddler. Last I knew, they are not supposed to be anorexic.

He used to be anorexic. This is the same baby who weighed six and a half scrawny pounds until he was two months old. It took him that long to gain any weight. He was bony. And bony babies are frightening. So chubby? Seems especially gratifying on him.

I pay very little attention to growth curves. But I have to have some defense against people who apparently have no control over what they say. His numbers? As of yesterday, he is in the 75th percentile for height and 60th percentile for weight. See? He's actually underweight! He's practically wasting away, for God's sake. Take that, All-Bran Lady.

So: what's the deal with people thinking it's okay to say things like that?

And, um, what's the deal with me being so sensitive about it?

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What’s the Deal With That?


  1. I think some people are totally lacking an edit button. And not in a funny, entertaining way.

    Boo to All-Bran lady!

  2. No Caleb is NOT fat...he's adorable. A chubby toddler is a happy, healthy toddler. That's what's important. Eat it All Bran lady!

  3. He is NOT fat! I had a HUGE baby (97% for both height and weight) and noone ever called him fat. They said he was big and that is true but fat NEVER! I probably would've said something to her;)

    BTW he is adorable!!!

  4. He isn't fat at all. She should see mine. Sheesh, she would have probably called WW right there in the aisle to see if they had some kind of baby diet. I think he looks perfect. Good job mommy! Now go give that baby a cookie.

  5. I am sure my response would have, arent you kinda old, yes, Depends on on the next aisle, sweetie...

    not really, maybe if I were drunk...

  6. I think he is fine! Geez! Some people...I don't get it!

  7. Comeback! Comeback!-> Uhm if he was fat, he'd be wearing the same size diapers as you!

    Was it Maury or Jerry Springer who used to do shows about fat babies? The mom would be all I don't know where I went wrong... Uhm I dunno, the dozen egg and hot dog omelette... could that have been it? Remember that? (I know I watch too much tv)

    Anywho the boy is gorgeous and I may or may not have air pinched his cheeks.

    Thanks so much for linking up ... (can I call you Gold? ) Hope you play again soon.

  8. Well, clearly the all-bran lady needs better glasses because your baby is so NOT fat! I have no idea what in the heck she is even talking about. He is a cutie!!

  9. Next time I see All-Bran Granny I'll kick her in the NUTS for you. Seriously, some people are freaks. Note to self: NEVER, EVER BECOME ALL-BRAN GRANNY!

  10. He is just adorable and NOT fat. Some people just don't know when to keep their mouths shut! I'll never forget when my son was 6 months old and it was hot outside and we were in the parking lot waiting outside our car while the a/c was cooling off the inside when an old man walks up to me and says, "you'd better not put that baby in the car because it's too hot in there" Really? That would be why we're standing here in the 100 degree heat waiting for it to cool down. Sigh!!


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