Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Through a child's eyes and other cliches

Evan drew this picture at preschool yesterday. "It's our family in our van, driving home the other night." "The other night" was the night it was 10:30 pm and we were barreling down the interstate approximately faster than the speed of light and Caleb was crying really hard and then threw up and everyone was unhappy. Anyway. Apparently Evan remembers it a little differently. Here's the art:

And here's my deconstruction, courtesy Child Psychiatry 101:

1. This is me. I'm smiling. And I have Crazy Eyes, which is alarming. And, also, accurate.
2. This is Evan. Silly me. I thought this was Jeff in the passenger seat. Emphatic no. It's Evan and he's the same size as I am and he's enormously happy to be next to me.
3. This is Jeff. He's tiny. And sticking his tongue out. And below me.
4. This is Jensen. Inexplicably, he has no hair and bears a striking resemblance to Ike from South Park*. He also lacks much by way of facial features. Hm.
5. This is Caleb, sitting in the way back and crying what appear to be tears of blood. Which is also rather accurate at this particular point in our trip.
6. Our mysterious sixth passenger. I quote the artist here: "I really don't know who that is, Mom." It's unclear whether he really thought there was an invisible person in the van with us that night, or whether this person just showed up in the drawing. Interesting.

Evan's world is a very interesting place. Also straight out of a textbook.
* In the interest of responsible parenting I feel like I should clarify: Evan has never seen South Park. (Even though it is, perhaps, my favorite tv show.) Therefore, any similarities to Ike must be purely coincidental, which makes it a bit more eerie.


  1. #6 was so confusing. I was all Gold and I have the same amount of kids, where did 6 come from, do I have 6!?!

    Honest, I was that confused.

  2. Educational & entertaining...as always. Thanks!

  3. Love it!! I think #6 is the new baby in a bucket seat. 'Cause clearly your son thinks he has the best family ever and best families ever can always use new babies. Or maybe it was the ghost of Christmas past. Cute none the less. And hey, thanks for adding me to your reader.


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