Thursday, October 2, 2008

With special guest star...

...Uncle Dustin!

Dustin is my sister's husband. He has a Very Important Job which takes him to Lots of Places. (Which, by the way, I think my sister hates. But she'll live.) This week he was traveling in our area and dropped in to witness the glamour that is our lives. I think he was overwhelmed by the excitement, which included (brace yourselves): second-grade homework, meatloaf, tooth-brushing, bedtime, and a scrumptious breakfast of oatmeal. I hope he survives the letdown of leaving us.

The coolest things about Dustin, as told by Jensen and Evan:

  • He can fix any electronics.

  • He can install things on the computer that Dad can't.

  • He goes to work everywhere.

  • He can make great paper airplanes.

  • He lives with Charlie (the amazing horse-dog).

  • He has a really big tv.

  • He's a professional surfer and skateboarder. And can do any dangerous sport. Like Motocross.

These things are all true, except the last part. I don't know anything about him having a secret professional extreme sports life.

And here's another awesome thing about Dustin: in just three (or so) months, he's going to be a Dad. Click here for a photo of his son-to-be. He'll have his very own little boy to impress with his surfing skills....


  1. He seems like an impressive and multi-talented Uncle! And with a beautiful son!

  2. I tagged you for a book meme! It's a fun one unless you're like me and had a boring book near you. : )


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