Thursday, October 16, 2008

My poor husband's hair

Jeff got a haircut. Contrary to what you may think, this is post-worthy, because he only does it about twice a year. If that.

He has Lyle-Lovett-hair. It's as tall as it is long. Curly. Black (at least the part that isn't gray). Kind of wiry. You can also call him Kramer if you want. Anyway, his hair was pretty long/tall when he left on Tuesday. When he returned it was way short. I call it his Repulican 'do.

He may never get it cut again, based on our responses:

Jensen: (snort) Actually, Dad, that looks kind of ridiculous.

Me: Dude, you're getting whitewalls.

Evan (it took him several hours to notice): Daddy, your hair is kind of different. Jeff: What's different about it? Evan: It's kind of... flat. Jeff: Why do you suppose that is? Evan: I don't know... you washed it?

Poor Jeff.

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