Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A little bit of nuthin'

I didn't even post yesterday. Which violated my self-imposed Monday-Friday rule. But I wasn't home at all, and barely made it through dinner in time to watch the alleged "debate." (Which, by the way, I'm happy to report I survived. If I pull through this presidential campaign without having a catastrophic health event, I'll be surprised. I've decided Sarah Palin is trying to actually kill me. Although I was having some back problems yesterday and took a muscle relaxer after the kids went to bed and that made the debate much more enjoyable.)

Lots of boring details, including a brand-spanking-new washing machine (old one died while full of water and Jeff had to siphon it and accidentally drank dirty, detergenty laundry water), a Christmas present that may or may not involve a hard-to-get video game console, getting my lovely van serviced only to be told there's nothing wrong with it but there is and they won't listen to me!, and Cub Scouts. Busy day. But on the upside, Caleb did not sustain any potentially life-threatening injuries, which is a welcome change from recent days.

As you can see, the glamour here continues.
I don't want to overdo the excitement or make anyone jealous of my jet-setting lifestyle, but I also get to go to the dentist today. Whew.

But, just to tide you over until something interesting happens, I'm posting a cute picture of Jeff and our tailgating-baby-with-approximately-eight-chins.
Now I'm done.

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  1. I'll have you know I'm going as Sarah Palin for Halloween. I can do my hair like that, I'll wear my nifty glasses, and I have a nice black suit. I'll also be carrying a shotgun and a fish.


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